Extending ley lines

Art book

A 130 paged book designed to run as a parallel piece to my moving image and image-installation To a line, to expand and explore the themes further. Made as an edition of 250.

Various discussions around my ongoing research and ideas for the artwork led me to develop the idea of a collaborative book with essays, poems, stories and other assorted texts which respond to the ideas within To a line. Though instead of being a book about my work it would act as an extension of the wider concerns found within, using other people’s viewpoints and through a different medium.

It features 26 different writers who have contributed largely new writing, including:

Jonny Blamey, Will Bock, Matthew Clements, Mick Corton, Stephen Daniels, Ian Ensum, Gareth Evans, Agnieszka Gratza, Janine Harington, Nick Hunt, Kirsten Irving, Naomi Itami, Allan Taylor, Robert Macfarlane, Sinead O’Neill, Minna Pöllänen, Asad Raza, Sophy Rickett, John Riley, Luke Roberts, Andrea Robinson, Ëpha Roe, Christos Sakellaridis, Bethany Settle, Anna, Shvarts