London College of Communication,
University of the Arts London

January 2019

Guest lecturer
I delivered an illustrated lecture looking at the relationship of computer games to the military industrial & military urban complexes since the 1980s, folding in art, politics & game history.

January - May 2018

Project mentor & visiting artist
I was a tutor/mentor for a term-long unit which straddling various BA and MA courses at LCC, UAL. Focusing on the financialisation of the city’s build landscape.

The series of sessions and discussion groups culminated in two groups of students making large-scape installation art projects, outside of their normal creative practice, to pursue the concepts we had interrogated.

I also wrote an essay on bricks for the exhibition catalogue, which you can read HERE.

Workshop leader & lecturer: The Anthropocene unit
Workshop leader & lecture as part of a LCC cross-course unit on art, politics & the environment.

I presented a talk at the Politics in Art Symposium. More details
on the connection of politics to my visual practice and activism, at a public conference, focusing on the Garden Bridge, art as activism, and creativity in protest.