The wool series

Video & still image

In the immediate aftermath of the unexpected short illness then death of my mother, this series of impromotu videos offered a way to explore a personal sense of grief & loss. My mother was a relentless knitter, & left behind a room full of wool which nobody else in the family could use as designed for. As an artist, I was keen to utilise some of it creatively, to continue its life.

The series is formed of three parts: House & head; Three rituals; and Ariadne’s thread.

House & head

A moving image dyptich (also exhibited as stills, or combination of both moving & still images) as performance using the same wool to contain two psychological states & spaces.

Three rituals

These durational photographs the idea of grief through recorded performative actions explore the materiality of the wool, rekindle childhood memory or activate space, as well as testing the idea of time & duration, itself distorted during a period of grief.

Ariadne’s thread

A withdrawal from my childhood home, as it sits in a state of emptiness ready for sale after the death of my mother. An exploration & study of space drawing from myth, personal memory, & Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of space.