Lisbon travel - Feature
Vingt Sept magazine

A travel feature of Lisbon, with the best culture, food, and places to stay.

Living Studios - Panelist
27 January, 7pm
The Whitechapel Gallery

I join artists Jasmin Bhanji and Khatun, along with Anna Harding, artist and former CEO of SPACE studios, to discuss the value of artist’s studios as creative spaces and learning environments. We will ponder what it means to re-imagine more affordable studio provisions in cities and, more broadly, what studios mean for a wide spectrum of artistic practices. 

Tickets & information HERE

He Stands in a Desert Counting the Seconds of His Life - Film introduction
29 January, 7.30pm
Close-Up Cinema

A short introduction to the a montage film by Jonas Mekas

"The film consists of 124 brief sketches, each half-a-minute to about two minutes long. Portraits of people I have spent time with, places, seasons of the year, weather (storms, snow, blizzards etc...) many of my film-maker friends – streets and parks of New-York – brief escape in nature, out of town – nothing spectacular, unimportant celebrations of life that has gone, by now, and remains only as a record in these personal, brief sketches." – Jonas Mekas.

Tickets & information HERE

When Gondola Engines eere Taken to Bits - a Carnival in Four Acts - Review
The Wire

A review of an exhibition on historic and contemporary ideas of carnival and performance, curently on show at GES-2, Moscow.

Public art - Comment
February, 2022
Royal Academy Magazine

A short comment piece on the role of public art.

Fluid Perspectives - Essay chapter
Architektūros fondas, Vilnius, Lithuania

An essay following my role as “keynote listener” for a floating discussion around building narratives, rivers and cities. Due to Covid, I was unable to travel to Vilnius to take part in the live event, but instead the collaboration will take new forms.

Past and Future - Book
Canalside Press

A book of my writing and visual projects considering man-affected place, time & decay.


Pages of Consent - Column
Twice-monthly column, ongoing
RIBA Journal
An ongoing twice-monthly column highlighting architectural projects that have recently been granted planning permission for construction - not as dry as it sounds!